Bath chair and adjustable shower with shower handle with suction cup and aluminum legs, white

Wide seat and backrest, padded arm handles, drain holes, and non-slip rubber feet offer more support and greater comfort when sitting for an extended period of time and safety when leaving the chair.

They generally fit all types of tubs: designed to fit small or narrow tubs, plus adjustable height function to accommodate a wide range of users.  Stable and comfortable place to sit in the shower or bath when washing your feet or shaving your legs.


We have many activities that could be called everyday in the home, and that we have always done, but there comes a time that because of any unforeseen circumstance of health, we find ourselves in the obligation to modify our pattern of mobility in the home, as are the going to the bathroom, or taking a shower the way we did can get very complicated.

Our new status or condition of physical disability, our customary mobility is reduced.

By the time this happens, our Company Drive Medical Walker offers you the catalog of the different options that can help you pass this convalescence, whether temporary or permanent, for age or disability by accident.

The ease of improvement of the condition becomes a reality when purchasing a solution such as the bathroom chair or shower chairs.

Well is to be aware that this decision will help with the performance of the different tasks that we have to do. The disabled person will have a higher degree of security wherever they are, in addition to helping the person or family member in charge of their care, which is extremely important, as this creates a more harmonious relationship bond.

Shower Chair Medical Deluxe Spa


A Shower Chair Medical Deluxe Spa offers a comfortable and safe solution for anyone or the elderly who has foot problems while showering. Constructed of strong 1.0" anodized aluminum frame with angled legs and non-slip rubber tips, this shower chair is sturdy and durable.

Its large antibacterial contoured polystyrene seat provides good support and hygiene for each person during use. The drain holes in the seat are designed to allow water to drain effectively, thus reducing the risk of slippage. Our tool-free assembly also makes it easy for anyone in the family to ride for use in minutes. The medical shower chair is safe, hygienic, easy to use and corrosion resistant.




When there is an ageing or disabled person in the home, whether permanent or not, we must contribute to keeping in the area of their mobility as passable as possible to help with circulation, since some of these bath chairs come with a bearing for more comfort and independence of the person.


A point of great value is that the shower chair is foldable, that you will always have to travel, be it to a hotel, a family or friends, and being foldable or folding we can close it, pack it and transport the chair very easily, this will make the person feel so comfortable c in your own home and your emotional state will always be stable.

So the bathroom seat is foldable, never sin a hindrance, as there will always be a space to place it when not in use.

There are a lot of bath chairs, very good, as they are manufactured with the end user in mind.  It is worth mentioning as a recommendation:

La silla de ducha Retractil 

Accesorio de baño ideal para usuarios bariátricos, ancianos, discapacitados y discapacitados para tener un asiento estable en la ducha o el baño al entrar o salir de la bañera.

Tiene el beneficio que puede ser plegable y adaptarse a cualquier espacio y además, es muy fácil de transportar.

Silla de ducha con altura ajustable.

Esta presentación es ideal, ya que puede adaptarse a la altura necesaria.  El Asiento de baño y ducha ajustable puede venir con barra de agarre de asistencia es ideal para los ancianos, personas mayores, adultos, discapacitados, mujeres embarazadas o aquellos que tienen problemas para doblarse, estirarse, tener artritis, cirugía reciente de rodilla o cadera, o están rehabilitando. Ayuda a reducir el estrés y el malestar que surge del miedo a caerse mientras está en la bañera o ducha.


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