Pain Reduction Crutches

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Crutches- Latest Generation Ergobaum by Ergoactives. 1 Pair of The"Pain Reduction" Crutches
  • Product Description: Re-Inspired, New Generation, Stronger than ever before! The latest generation Ergobaum Shock Absorber Crutches speed the recovery process while reducing secondary injuries associated with the use of conventional crutches. Ergobaum Crutches, provide the user with a cushioned ride, shock absorption and return energy through the normal gait. These crutches were designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon with the end-user fully in mind.
  • Product "Unique" Features:Shock Absorbers that reduce impact! Takes away all the "Pain" Associated with walking on crutches. Equipped with Ergoactive's Spring Loaded Shock Absorber Patented Technology, "Extra Balance" Ergocap Tip, Safety Features (Night Light, Horn, & Safety Reflectors), Built-In Leg Rest Platform
  • Product Innovation: Finally, a comfortable, fully adjustable crutch designed to make people's lives easier during recovery, while reducing any secondary injury commonly caused by conventional crutches. If you have suffered a recent sports injury, have joint pain or issues with mobility, then consider the Ergobaum Forearm Crutches with Shock Absorbers as the best crutch alternative.
  • Product Adjustable Features: Fully adjustable height and arm length to properly fit 99% of all adults 5' to 6'6" up to 350lbs.
  • Product Testimonials: The product has been used and approved for its immediate positive impact on the recovery process of the user. It has been tested by thousands of patients, Including King of Spain Juan Carlos I
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